about me


Hi, I’m Shannen!!

I’m an entry level occupational therapist (aka I am a baby OT) in love with a second year osteopathic medical student. He is my partner in crime and together we are a holistic duo!

I collaborate with awesome physicians, other occupational therapists and assistants, physical therapists and assistants, speech therapists, social workers, nurses, and care assistants at a beautiful acute care inpatient rehab unit in a hospital to serve our patients with a plethora of different needs and goals.

I am literally running on coffee everyday of the week and am thankful for the little things in life.

I felt inspired to advocate for and educate others on occupational therapy (OT) and osteopathic medicine (DO) because…

  1. I believe they are both invaluable to the health care team
  2. because if I’m going to try to be my best self as an OT then I need to be well-versed in the profession’s concepts and values – I see OT everywhere I go
  3. because DOs are real doctors, people, and I’m positive that just because you’ve never heard of them does not mean that you or your family member has never been treated by one
  4. I feel compelled to mOTivate others in general

Because of my passions for these two professions, my blog URL is mOTivated to DO with OT and DO capitalized to introduce my most common blog topics in addition to encourage others to be motivated to take action to do what they believe.

Follow me on Instagram at  >>shannenmarie_ot <<


10 thoughts on “about me

  1. I’m so happy I found your blog because I’m learning so much! You’re an excellent example for advocating for the OT profession. I hope to be effective doing this for the PT profession one day too :)) thanks for all the great info you write about on your blog! Are you on Twitter too?

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    1. That’s the best compliment ever!! I wish I would have started writing earlier -I wrote my first post during my fifth semester of OT school-I am looking forward to more of your posts as you start your journey to become a PT. I don’t have a twitter but you can follow me on Instagram at “shannenmarie_ot”. I post a lot about OT on my IG, too!

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  2. I love your enthusiasm Shannen! So much positivity and forward movement in your writing. I am excited to have found you (Jess @ PT Contender is my buddy too) and look forward to encouraging you along the way!


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